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Hello lovely people

My name is Ali, I am the founder of Clarity Bridge. I am a successful Import Export Agent, Sellers & Buyers Agent, and Product Sourcer in Health and wellness field.


I also write about health and wellness here and share my experiences with like-minded people and love to help people to raise their awareness about physical & mental health.


The passion for buying and selling was found within me since I was a child, where one day when I was only 6 years old I made a few pinwheels with colourful papers and sold them in a park near our house while riding my tricycle.😀


Since then I was involved in so many buying and selling deals which taught me a lot of lessons on how to deal with different people who have different requirements.


It also gave me a good knowledge of how to negotiate effectively and create a win-win deal for both buyers and sellers.


Just more than a year ago I was blessed and lucky enough to be able to combine two of my passions together and to incorporate my company in which I was able to help lots of other people and sealed so many deals.


I am so happy now that my passion for health & wellbeing led me to form Clarity Bridge where I can help other people as well as enjoying every moment of my work and life.

How we help you?

We are a company based in the UK and, our expertise is in Health and wellbeing sector.


We act as both seller and buyer agent. So, if you are a seller based in the UK and looking to sell any of your products anywhere in the world you can contact us so we can add you to our list of suppliers and find you, loyal customers.


On the other hand, if you are a buyer of health and wellbeing products and are interested to buy from reliable and well known UK suppliers then please write to us with your products requirements and we will get back to you soon and do our best to provide the products you are looking for.


We are happy to ensure our buyers that one of the main aspects of our services is to take over your projects of making your own brand of products from A to Z here in the UK.


So, if for example, you would like to have your own brand of Vitamin C, then we take your order and create your own brand of vitamin C in accordance with your requirements and will hand over the finished products at your door in almost any country you are.


Here is a list of products that we are able to provide for our buyers from the UK. If you don’t find your required products on this list, then please contact us as we are here for you to make sure you have the most pleasant experience with us.


1. Vitamins and supplements


-CBD oils

-Amino acids 


-Omega 3 and 6   

-Bodybuilding Supplements

-Weight loss

-Immune system booster

-Pregnancy support  

-Bone health 

-Brain health  

-Energy boosters

-Digestive health


2. Medicines

-Pain relief     


-Stomach & Bowel            

-Foot care                

-First aid            

-Allergy Tablets

-Cold and Flu          

-Ear care          

-Sleep aid            



3. Weight management

-Slimming aid  

-Bars & Snacks  




4. Dental care

-Tooth paste

-Tooth brush

-Dentist Instruments                   

-Mouth wash

-Tooth whitening

-Breath Fresher spray 

-Tong cleaner

-Grind guard




5. Sport and Fitness

-Bodybuilding supplements

-Yoga equipment

-Protein powders

-Small fitness equipment

-Bars & snacks


6. Smoking control

-Nicotine patch

-Nicotine gum

-Nicotine spray

-Nicotine lozenges


7. Sexual care



-Hair removal


8. Mobility care

-Medicine Managements

-Walking sticks 


-Bath stool/seat


9. Skin care

-Skin cream

-Skin mask



10. Hair care



-Hair Colours


-Hair accessories 





11. Baby care

-Baby feeding

-Baby milk






12. Raw material

-Organic raw materials for making supplements and Skin care products

-Raw materials for making supplements and Skin care products


13. Pregnancy

-Skin care       




14. Medical equipment

-Electrical equipment

-Manual equipment  

-Surgical equipment




How we deliver the goods?

For peace of mind of our customers, we use DAP (Delivered at Place) to ship your products, which means we deliver your goods straight to your door from the UK.


We made it easy and pleasant for our buyers, so you don’t need to be worried about anything at all.


How do we charge for our service?

We charge a fixed percentage of the total transaction value that Includes the purchase value of products, and shipping charges, to cover our costs to be able to provide a first-class service for our loyal customers.


The Invoice we issue for you will clearly say how much is the value of products you are buying, how much is the shipping costs, and how much you are paying us, as our fees.


Please note, buyers need to pay any custom and clearance fees depending on the rules and regulations of your country.

Clarity Bridge

The Bridge You Can Trust.     



WhatsApp: +4407900799126

Company Number: 12449557

Registered in: England & Wales

Company Name: clarity bridge 11 Limited

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