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The certified performance of Navigator means that it jams once every 10,000 sheets, as opposed to 5 jams of other office papers. Taking into consideration that a paper jam can take up to 3 minutes to solve, depending on the type of printing equipment or photocopier used, this can translate into a potential gain in productivity. Optimal balance between paper rigidity and thickness to provide outstanding performance: 99.99% jam free. A reduction in jams means an increase in production speed and fewer processing errors. Navigator developed an improved surface which provides excellent printing quality. By improving toner adhesion and absorption, Navigator maximises print results - more printed sheets with the same cartridge. Navigator is on average 1/3 smoother than most office papers. This smoother surface means lower toner/ink consumption and reduced abrasiveness, resulting in less damage to printers and a longer lifetime of office equipment. The net result is lower maintenance costs (fewer replacements of machine parts) and ultimately, a lower cost per printed page.




  • 99.99% paper jam free. A reduction in jams which leads to a lower cost per printed document
  • Provides excellent printing quality whilst reducing toner consumption
  • Extra smooth surface. Lower abrasiveness improves the lifetime of office equipment
  • 100% guaranteed for all printers and copiers and any type of document



Pack Quntity: 2 Boxes of A4 papers/10 reams/ 5000 Sheets

Paper Size: A4 (210X297mm) (8.25X11.75in)

Paper Weight: 80 gsm

Product Type: Paper

Colour: White

2X Boxes of Navigator Universal A4 Paper 80 gsm

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