Awakening Not Allowed will share with the readers the insights of walking on spirituality path and explains what Spirituality really is and teach you the practical techniques which you can use to achieve pure happiness and peace in your life.


Being spiritual is being in touch with ourselves and others. It's Knowing who I am and why I'm here. Knowing the real purpose of life. Knowing the difference between having a career/job in contrast to pursuing one's calling or life purpose.


Knowing I'm an expression of God and that I create all my life experiences. Not just knowing about the value of living in the moment and being present but actually living that way. Knowing that the only true moment is this moment and the proof of that is I can never live the past or future, but only right now.



What the author says about the book:

My intention for writing this book has been to help and share with you what I've learned throughout my life. It is my sincere hope that this book will assist your life's journey to become more fulfilling and an easier ride.

From experience with my devoted TV program viewers and my students, these teachings have helped to change their lives to be easier and more pleasant.

I don't see myself above you, the reader, as I still consider myself a student as I walk through life on Earth, holding hands with my brothers and sisters.

I want to thank my soul for bringing forth the idea of writing this book and for keeping me in the flow of information. As I evolve as a human being, I know change, awakenings and lessons are always showing up for me at the right time, so I'm sure this won't be the last book I write.

I would not go back to change anything even though my Ego, being a perfectionist, will tell me to do so. That's just one of my own lessons to learn and let go of.

I trust in my role of being a servant and that this information I offer is correct and needs to be said at this time. If it seems that throughout this writing, certain information is being repeated, that's because it's meant to come to our attention again.

These spiritual lessons will be received differently by each reader depending on where they're at in their awakening, what class of spirituality they are in, how open they are to receiving, how active their Ego is, and how much they're willing to change.

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