Watching my Cute bunnies coming down the ramp for the first time gave me a Big life lesson!!

Updated: Feb 15

 my Cute bunnies who gave me a big life lesson
Bunnies who gave me a big life lesson

The other day, I made a ramp for my bunnies who are 4 weeks old, to come out of their hutch for the first time and enjoy running and jumping around.

I was watching them and seeing how differently they act from each other in relation to something new.

At the beginning they all started to get to know the ramp by smelling it. A few minutes later, one of them went back to her mum and didn’t feel safe enough to use the ramp, couple of them started putting their hand and tried to use it and one of them tried putting both hands.

After a few minutes some of them came till the middle of the ramp and went back up again. Some of them just tried to be on the first step.

But one of them came all the way down the ramp and started exploring the area while the others were deciding to come further or stay up there.

The one that came all the way down went back up and encouraged his brothers and sisters to come down to share the enjoyment with them.

After minutes of trying, one more came down the ramp. A few more minutes passed by and one came till the middle and the leader (first one that came all the way down) went for her and brought her down the ramp.

Eventually all came down the ramp but one who sticked to her mum. What was interesting for more, was that all of the bunnies were born on the same day and time and they were all raised by the same mum and in the same environment, however they all had totally different personality that made them to react differently to one situation.

After I have put them back to their hutch, I was reviewing their different reactions to the same situation (coming out of the ramp) and I find out that No matter if their parents and their environment were the same but they all had different approach to the same situation.

After experiencing this, I realized, every one of us are uniquely different from each other, even from our siblings that were raised in the same environment as us.

So, the point is to see what your strength and features are and by knowing this, you find the right path for yourself.

Remember that you are different from other people around you and I want you who read this now to use your uniqueness and create your own life that you love and enjoy, No matter what other says or ask.

You chose to come to this world by specific and unique features. So, use them to you favour and do not let other people comments, to stop you for who you have chosen to be.

A video of the leader bunny being pet by my lovely wife.

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